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    To get this out of the way, I am a Gamecock fan, so feel free to trash me if you wish over that, but I am simply here to share my observations of your Fan Day Appreciation. I have a 10 year old son that is a Clemson fan and I made the 4 hour drive for him.

    Met many people who were friendly, polite, and had many conversations while waiting in the 3 hour line to get to Trevor Lawrence. Great move on Clemson's part to give out free water and fountain drinks. All in all, the set up was very nice, and everyone involved were pretty hospitable.

    The line was ridiculous to see Trevor Lawrence, but no one made me stay in the line. My son wanted his autograph, so I did it for him. If all of the 40 to 50 year old men could stop taking "selfies" with a 19 year old kid, everyone could have made it through. The workers should have pushed that along faster, but there were just sitting there watching. Also, you were supposed to sign one item and people were getting numerous thing signed in addition to their photo op. As we finally got to about the gates, the workers cut us off and said no more. Really sucked. Me and a group of about 20 went to the gate where it was cut off and waited to see if they would let us through. As we waited, my son and three other kids slipped through the gate, and made it to Trevor Lawrence. You have to do what you have to do sometimes.

    We quickly shifted over to the running backs. Pickens County finest cut us off about 20 people from the gate. As people left it was only me and my kid standing there. I ask if he could please just let my kid through. He said no. I said, "come on man, this is for the kids and 90% of the people here are adults". He said if he lets my kid through, he has to let all the kids through. I told him that there were no other kids in sight, and that was a ridiculous thing to say. He just stood and stared at me. Me and my son shifted over until everyone through the line was done. It was 4:56. I told them we still had 4 minutes and can my son get their autographs. The workers said no, the players have to go to the bus. The players were all still sitting there, and there was no reason not to let him, and 3 other people standing there to let them go up, except for the simple fact that they were being jerks. As ETN got up I asked if we could just get his autograph for my son. Some middle aged lady ran up, bumped my kid out of the way, and got a picture with him. He then looks at my son and says, sorry, but no. That was devastating for my kid. He cried from that moment until he fell asleep on our ride back 4 hours to Beaufort.

    All in all, it was a good experience that ended very poorly. I fully support law enforcement, but that cop was a dick. That wasn't "doing his job", that was just being a cocky douche. That selfish lady should be ashamed of herself, and to do what she did to a 10 year old was inexcusable. ETN had 15 seconds to take a picture with a middle age lady, but not 2 seconds to sign a ball for my son. I am a big believer in karma, and that is some bad karma to do that to someone.
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    Thanks for the input. THAT is absolutely top notch parenting. Don't know if I'd have done the same for my kid. In fact, I know I wouldn't have.

    True story.

    My son was probably 6 or 7. Both my wife and I worked in Columbia (she was getting her PhD from USC at the time, so I've spent plenty of quality time on the horseshoe). My son had a bunch of friends with gamecock parents. He told us at the dinner table one night that he was going to be a Carolina fan when he got older. I told him that I'd rather him tell me he was gay or transgender... you know, something I could learn to accept and love him anyway. This of course went right over my son's head, but my wife did stop eating long enough to throw a dinner roll at my head.

    Then, a couple of weeks later, my son told me he was going to be an Ohio State fan. I told him he was no son of mine.
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