FGF's renowned village idiot manafold is starting early this year

Discussion in 'The Bad Apple' started by own you, Jun 28, 2019.

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    Aug 3, 2010
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    This doofus imbecile has already started his delusional yearly predictions :p:p:p

    18IsTheMan said:

    "Clemson doesn't take us seriously anymore. We have become to them what we were to UT and UF in the 90s."

    MANAFOLD replys:, Wednesday at 2:15 PM

    "Well Clemson better. Just because we were left high and dry with the Spurrier cop out doesn't mean we can't compete with the cheats in Pickens. I fully expect we will win at WB this year."

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    Sep 28, 2017
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    How many years will they blame Spurrier?

    Spurriers final 4 recruiting classes (which they claims is the reason they are behind)...average star rank is 3.36

    Muschamps past 4 recruiting classes (including upcoming 2020 class) has an average star rank of 3.33.

    Muschamp's current 2020 class is currently his lowest ranked of his last 3....and coots are bragging about this class.

    for 2020, Clemson currently has 18 commitments with an average star ranking of 4.11

    Coots currently have 14 commitment with an average star ranking of 3.29.

    To show you how big of a difference this is...if the coots added 13 five star players to their currently commitment list...they would up their star average to 4.11 to pull even with Clemson

    Think about that...
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    Aug 20, 2008
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    Pocatello, ID
    Well guys, I personally consider Manafold to be a national treasure. He is to football what Forrest Gump is to theoretical physics. Let's take a look at some of the quotes from our resident "Gridiron Sage".

    Some Brilliant work from the FGF board in Early September:

    "Only team worthy of rank in the ACC will be VT."

    BUT his work is not limited to Clemson. Here is his dead on prediction for USC/UGA last season (except he reversed the score):

    "Beg to differ . Carolina has not gotten any respect from any of the football experts yet Georgia has been hyped up and bragged about more than any other team in America other than Clemson. Kirby Short and his snot slurping clay hounds will get a volcanic wake up call and get their tight little asses whipped to the tune of 41-17. Gamecocks are for real and now a legit power in the East."

    It's like this every year...

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