Inflation Reduction Act


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Dec 9, 2002
You said it…dogma. Believe global warming is settled science in every sense. Believe every bill we sign in the name of it is the right solution. Do not attempt to point out any flaws in the plan.

theres so much more to the conversation and it absolutely needs to be open to question and debate. Nothing about it is “settled”.

its especially hard to take this seriously when every politician and celebrity stumping for the extreme danger were in flies around constantly on private jets and owns a mansion on beaches that are supposedly going to disappear in the near future. Ill start to worry when they actually lead with actions
Many parts and earth elements for windmills, solar panels, and components come from other countries or need fossil fuels..... maintenance is also a problem. The words. "Bull Shit" are not strong enough for this bill.


The Mariana Trench
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Dec 6, 2021
Just read that Dodge is killing the Challenger and Changer.

Words can't describe how this makes me feel... it's the age of un-science and it's driving the dramatic reshaping of western culture... sigh
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