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Apr 25, 2013
Hey guys! I am a long time member and follower but I don't often comment. I appreciate all of your comments as great daily entertainment, as I am addicted to Clemson Recruiting, however I just don't normally want to post my opinions out there.

So, I just recently moved to Pawleys Island after visiting here forever, and also awesome to get back in the State of SC since I am a Clemson Grad. Class of 93! I work for a company called Xpedition Enterprises, and I more specifically work for our Hunting Show called The Given Right, which is on the Sportsman Channel. My job is to work with smaller regional television stations and cater to smaller communities. That being said there are some products that we use often on our show that we want to bring to local markets. I was hoping that you folks could help me. It really doesn't even need to be in South Carolina, as I can go anywhere and work with any station.

Do any of you work for any TV Stations?

Do any of you know folks who own, or do you own a Hunting Supply store, Power Sport Store, or Bicycle Shop?

I appreciate any help in advance! By the way, if it is allowed I can post the websites for the products.
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